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Human resources and administrative affairs consulting

 Medical services management

Industry Solutions

Occupational Safety and Health consulting

Quality systems consulting

Investor Relations

Training and Development,Recruitment

 Websites design and management

Who We Are?

IMS for Integrated Management Solutions (IMS) is one of the Egyptian companies engaged in the provision of all management services from human resources, administrative affairs, management of medical services, occupational safety and health, quality systems, training, employment and websites.

  • We provide these services to all public and private organizations, hotels, schools and clubs in the governorates of Egypt and at the individual level, while ensuring a distinguished level of service for the members of these bodies.

Customers Served
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Millions Invested

How do we work?

IMS is always striving for a better understanding of your business and commitment to strive for success in all ways based on a set of core values such as efficiency, accuracy, punctuality and professionalism.

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Our Courses

What we do!


To be in the forefront of companies providing management solutions.


To be ready to provide integrated services at any time and anywhere through the presence of individuals with a high level of experience and efficiency.

Finally, why is your business being outsourced?

The focus on core competencies is a priority for all businesses and outsourcing of business that helps organizations achieve this goal.

Through the use of an elite of specialists and external experts, the organization can use its time and resources in the basis of its work, which makes it successful in the first place.

With the steady increase in business speed, it is imperative for companies to keep up with the pace of change around them and increase their focus on the core processes that support their competitiveness with the assurance that their secondary business is in good hands to achieve the greatest possible achievements with the least resources and the best quality.

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